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margaret river EXPERIENCE

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jodie berry

Jodie has been riding mountain bikes for over 10 years.  She loves getting out in the region and enjoying it's many delights!  She has a great passion for the region and its local wines and is eager to share her knowledge with you. Jodie has been running wine tours in the region for over five years.  She is a qualified Level 1 Mountain Bike Instructor with PMBI, Level 0 and Level 1 MTBA Instructor and holds a Remote First Aid Certificate.

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david berry

Dave has been riding mountain bikes his whole life, he has worked as a MTB skills instructor and trail guide. He has a love for the great outdoors, riding his bike and sampling the many beers and wines in the region, combine all these and this makes for the perfect person to show you around on the Easy Ride wine and beer tour.

When he is not riding his bike, Dave is a qualified professional paramedic with St John Ambulance.