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Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get... if you are still not sure of something get in contact.

Can you cater for allergies and other dietary requirements for the picnic lunch?

Yes we sure can, we just need you to let us know your requirements no less than three days before your tour.

Do I still need to pedal the bikes or does the motor do everything?

Yes you still need to pedal, the motor works seamlessly in the background to push you along effortlessly.

Do you have kids seats available for your bike?

No we do not have children’s seats available for the bikes. Unfortunately high insurance rates make it prohibitive for us to allow the use of child seats on the bikes.

How hard are the bikes to ride?

If you can ride a normal bike slowly for 30mins on flat ground you will be perfectly able to ride our bikes on tour with ease. Due to the battery and electric motor our bikes are just a bit heavier than a normal bicycle.

Can I bring my kids along?

Western Australia law states that children under the age of 16yrs are not allowed to ride electric bicycles on share pathways or gazetted roads. This means that unfortunately because we do use shared paths and on some roads our insurance does not cover us if we have children under 16yrs come on tour with us. .

What if I buy lots of wine, how do we carry it on the bikes?

There are a few choices if you really love the wine and want to take some home. We recomend you bring a backpack along with you if you plan on buying one or two bottles. If you want more of the good stuff, the wineries will look after all the wine and 1) We can either go pick it up for you while you drink beer at the end of the tour, 2) If you are staying close to town you can collect the wine yourselves 3) Get your wine shipped directly home for you.

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